Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland
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Our Friends:

  • Colin Dussault's Blues Project
    Colin, a fine harp player with a personal style, is one of the hardest-working guys in Northeast Ohio. He's very agile on the harp and as harpist, vocalist and bandleader he knows a gazillion tunes. There are always surprises in his repertoire.

  • Cletus Black
    Cletus is an original. He's a fine songwriter and his band's instrumentation (which includes electric viola) breaks out of the usual ruts. His current Revue includes harpist Dave Morrison, who is one of the finest musicians in the Cleveland area on any instrument.

  • Relmax Web design
    This is the company that built this site. Check out their home pages and clients to see Relmax's beautiful and highly functional work.

  • Ron Kraemer and the Hurricanes
    Ron's a cool guy and hard working blues musician who performs up and down the Jersey Shore and inland. When I lived in NJ Ron had me sit in a lot and play one gig too. Thanks Ron!

  • Guitar Conservatory
    This is the gateway to meeting Michael Bay, Cleveland area guitarist and guitar teacher extraordinaire. I can't recommend him highly enough. One time he jammed with the original Harmonica Blu Xpress half the night on one of our gigs and it was musical heaven!

  • Spector Basses
    In the early 1980's I worked for Stu Spector for over three years as a woodworker. These are some of the finest musical instruments in the world. If you love guitars and basses you'll just drool over the images!

  • Travis Haddix
    One of the bright lights of the Cleveland blues scene, Travis also travels frequently to Europe. Hear his guitar and voice on his site! I had the fun job to edit Travis' autobiography.

  • Barry Harris
    I simply cannot praise this great jazz musician and teacher enough! For over three years I attended Harris' famous New York City improvisation workshop as a vocalist, took part in amazing concerts, even stage-managed a Town Hall two-concert event for Barry. The class brought a deeper knowledge of jazz, people, and life itself to all. And still does. Check it out.

  • Neil Semer (http://www.neilsemer.com) was my voice teacher in New York City at the same time I was working on vocal improv with Barry Harris. He's a brilliant teacher. Even though he specializes in Broadway and Opera singing I would recommend him to anyone serious about singing well.

  • www.WCPN.org
    At night, this station is a fabulous source for jazz in Northeast Ohio.

  • Dave Morrison
    Dave is an absolutely extraordinary harp player who is masterful on both diatonic and chromatic. He's a busy performer in Northeast Ohio with various groups. As a teacher and harmonica colleague he has generously shared his knowledge with many musicians. He's a "must-hear" for any music lover.

  • Chris Bauer Jazz Harmonica
    Chris Bauer is a stunning jazz chromatic player and true gentleman I met at the 2003 Buckeye Harmonica Festival. He performs occasionally in the New York City area and elsewhere. Check out his site and CDs. And hear him live if you can.

  • www.wpfw.org
    This is the Pacifica Foundation radio station serving the DC Metro area. Its music programming covers blues, jazz, Latin American musics, and other genres. It depends entirely on listener support. Check it out on the Web or the airwaves and support great music and free speech!

  • The Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation (www.acousticblues.com) is keeping acoustic blues alive. They meet most Saturdays from 1:00 to 5:00 in the former bookstore next to the MARC station in Riverdale Park, MD to jam and socialize. A very fine group of folks. Fun jams.

  • The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica is an international, all volunteer, non-profit organization that began in 1963. It maintains a database of over 3,000 harmonica players of all musical styles from all over the world. SPAH sponsors an annual convention, publishes a newsletter, sponsors a harmonica chat room, and more. Check it out at www.SPAH.org.

  • www.alexmartinmusic.com
    Alex Martin is a fine guitarist and a friend. He's a fine interpreter of Brazilian music. Check him out!


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