Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland Harmonica Blu Xpress - blues-based band from Cleveland
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Sky Is Crying 3/19/16 Bushmaster at GrowlersGary Brown, George Belton, Patrick Peyton...... if you like this video,...

Posted by Gary Brown on Sunday, March 20, 2016

At Bill Barber's annual thank you party for local musicians. August, 2015

Photo by Connie Oleksak Warner. Blu was born in 1947. Could there be a more perfect picture?

Blu on tenor sax at JV's in Falls Church, VA. Photo Credit: Connie Oleksak Warner.

(Photo by Connie Oleksak Warner).

Blu sitting in with the excellent Bret Littlehales - a very fine harmonicist indeed - leader of the Big Boy Little Band at the fundraiser for Ed the Forkman and Tobi Tyberg sponsored by the Baltimore Blues Society. May 25, 2014.

At Blairs Londontown Pub, Annapolis, MD, March 5, 2014

(Photos above by Connie Oleksak Warner).

Blu on tenor sax and vocals at the Thursday, July 3, 2014 blues jam at the Zoo Bar, DC.
Photos by Connie Oleksak Warner.

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Xpress plays in Veteran's Plaza during Blues Week leading up
to the Silver Spring Blues Festival, June 2012.

Blu jammed with Daddy Mack Orr and his excellent band at a DC Blues Society event on Saturday, February, 25, 2012. It was a blast!

Harmonica Blu Xpress, post-gig, Veterans Plaza, Silver Spring, MD. June 19, 2011 (L to R: James Cookie Cooke, bass guitar; Harmonica Blu, vocals, harmonica, sax; Randy Pittman, drums & vocals, Dave Myre, guitar & vocals.)

This was taken by John Duffy as I jammed with Built For Comfort in June, 2011.

Just off the stage from a set with Ida Campbell & Blues Nation at the Beltsville (MD) Blues Festival, 09/12/09.

Blu performed with two other teachers from High Point High School in Beltsville, Maryland. The group, called Class Act, has Victor Emerson on guitar, Andy Vernor on bass and vocals, and Blu on harp and vocals.

Blu jamming on sax and vocals at Wolf's blues jam at JVs in Arlington, VA on 7/30/12.

On March 18, 2008, Blu attended an excellent harmonica seminar given by the Harmonica Players Organization of Frederick, Maryland, (HPOOF) given by harp aces Dennis Gruenling and Steve Guyger. Doug Deming played guitar for them and in the process demonstrated how a guitarist should back a lead harp player. All in all, an excellent and inspiring evening. Left to Right: Joe Galicic (HPOOF member), Steve Guyger, Harmonica Blu, Dennis Gruenling, Doug Deming

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Blu on fretless bass at the Surf Club, Bladensburg, Maryland, Sunday jam early in October, 2007. The club is closing at the end of January, 2008 after 52 years in business. Gone will be blues, country, and a large hardwood dance floor.

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On June 25,'05 Blu played on a float in the Mermaid Day Parade in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. There were two marching band drummers out in front of Blu and the float entitled "Queen Barbara and Her School of Blues" (Blue Fish!)It was an absolute and total blast. It was surely the largest crowd Blu had ever played for. These two shots are from the Boardwalk - the first section of the parade. Out on Neptune Avenue the crowds were huge.

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Blu jamming at the Zoo Bar DC with Irving Banister, a New Orleans musician
who has made a new home in Washington, DC. December 29, 2005.


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